“Before I give my testimonial about the CCW Course, I want to tell you a little about me.  My name is Gene Franques and I am with HomeLand Investigations of Laplace, Louisiana.  I am a firearms expert, experienced instructor and have prior Military and Law Enforcement experience.  I was Captain of the Pistol Team and was one of America’s top Shooters in Police Pistol Combat.

With that said, I decided to apply for my CCW Permit and attended the required class put on by GunSmartNOLA, instructed by Mark Shreve.  I can tell you that Mark ranks as one of the best instructors that I have ever experienced.  His instructions were clear, easy to understand and the class was not boring or dull.  Mark knows his material and combines the required information with his many years of experience in Law Enforcement and Security.  Each member of the class was treated with respect and compassion, no matter if you were highly experienced or a beginner who has never shot a weapon prior to the class.  Mark is a real people person that makes you feel comfortable with your questions.

I give Mark Shreve my Highest Recommendation to anyone who wants to take the class, and can assure you that you will finish the class feeling confident that you have the knowledge and ability to carry your permit.

Thank you Mr. Shreve for sharing your heart and soul with a room full of grateful students.”

– Gene Franques – La Place, La

“Just wanted to say what a great experience the Concealed Carry Class was!  It was very informative, enlightening and full of practical knowledge regarding gun use and gun safety.  I especially enjoyed your presentation regarding the legal issues associated with carrying a concealed weapon.   It’s my right to carry a concealed weapon but with it comes responsibilities.  Thanks for informing me so thoroughly on both.  I will highly recommend you and your class to all of my colleagues.  So thanks!  

– Melody M. – Mandeville, LA

“As a high school principal I have evaluated hundreds of teachers during my career, and I must say Mr. Shreve is one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure to know. His teaching style makes you feel very comfortable and I found Mr. Shreve to be very knowledgeable and organized. He has a great ability to communicate his ideas and information in an understandable way. His relaxed classroom atmosphere makes it very easy to ask questions. Without any reservations, I would highly recommend Mr. Shreve’s class to anyone considering obtaining their concealed carry/handgun permit.

Thank you, Mr. Shreve, for a great learning experience.”

– John Z. – Covington, LA

“Ladies, this course was great! For years I assumed I was holding my gun correctly (wrong). Mark’s excellent instruction made me feel much more confident when handling my gun. I must say my accuracy has also improved with this course. I highly recommend GunSmartNola for instruction regarding your safety.”

– Suzie Shea – Mandeville, LA

“Even if you never plan to carry, this is a great class to take….know the laws, know your rights!”

– Cheryl M. Schoen – New Orleans, LA 

“This is a very good class for a firearm novice. It covers all aspects of gun use, including a heavy emphasis on the legal ramifications of defensive gun use. The course has helped me a good bit in my education on how to own and use a gun in a responsible and effective manner.”

– William H. – New Orleans

“Mark, thank you for providing us with some very important information in a very relaxed and comfortable setting! It was a pleasure to meet you. I have forwarded class info to my daughter’s boyfriend I will encourage her to attend as well. Thanks again.”

– Gina – New Orleans

“Great class—THOROUGHLY enjoyed it and learned a lot.”

– David Garlic – New Orleans, LA

“I recently completed the CCP class offered by Mark Shreve, and it was excellent.  I have attended four such classes over the years in obtaining and maintaining my license, but this was the first time I sat in on Mark’s class.

As a former law enforcement officer, Mark brought numerous additional items of information and advice that I had never before had the benefit of learning. If you think that this class is pretty much the same no matter whom you choose for an instructor, let me assure you that is not the case.  I highly recommend Mark Shreve, and now would not consider enrolling in any other class.”

– O. Bruce Coffman – Mandeville

“Just wanted to say what a great experience the Concealed Carry Class was!  It was very informative, enlightening and full of practical knowledge regarding gun use and gun safety.  I especially enjoyed your presentation regarding the legal issues associated with carrying a concealed weapon.   It’s my right to carry a concealed weapon but with it comes responsibilities.  Thanks for informing me so thoroughly on both.  I will highly recommend you and your class to all of my colleagues.  So thanks!

– Melody M. – Mandeville, LA

“It should be painfully obvious to anyone tuning into the daily news, the dangers we, as law-abiding American citizens face on any given day. And now, more than ever, these dangers extend from the streets into our very own locked homes and property.

As important as the information is as to proper handling of one’s weapon and ammunition, other material covered was equally as valuable, i.e. what specifically is within your rights when it comes to deadly force and standing your ground, where you may carry a gun, where you may not. These are things every American should know if they are going to be proactive in protecting themselves against criminals. Calling 911 WILL NEVER save your life in the situations covered in Mr. Shreve’s course – situations that are on the rise, as desperate criminals endeavor to take what you have, without regard for the lives of you and your helpless family.

As a former police officer and security expert, Mark’s knowledge is vast, and during the one-day course, he was able to properly address any and all subjects and questions that arose. Firstly, I highly recommend that everyone own a handgun for personal protection, then subsequently learn what Mr. Shreve offers in the course. Lastly, I would stress the advantage of being able to legally carry a concealed weapon, which Mr. Shreve has greatly simplified by doing all of the leg work.”

– K. Coste – Metairie, LA

“This was a great class!  The instructor, Mark Shreve, is very knowledgeable and managed the curriculum to apply to both those already informed about gun safety and those, like myself, who had never held a gun before.  Protecting myself and my family from the increasing crime in my community and surrounding communities in which I work and visit often was my reason for taking this class.  Mr. Shreve was very thorough and definitely made me feel relaxed and comfortable, especially during the hands-on portion of his class at the shooting range.  I left feeling confident and equipped with the knowledge and tools I needed to protect myself and my family.  I can’t say enough great things about this class and Mark Shreve.  I wish I would have done this sooner.  I highly recommend!!!”

– Shana V. – Mandeville, LA

“Mark Shreve is experienced, qualified, professional and a consummate gentleman. Though we were complete ‘newbies’, Mark was extremely patient and encouraging. We unhesitatingly recommend Mark and his concealed carry course. Thanks Mark!”

– Ann Marie and Charlie DeLuca – Mandeville, LA

“Mark Shreve has produced a thorough conceal carry class which also covers pistol basics. Even as a moderate shooter I learned a few things I never knew before and found the class to be enjoyable. Mark took time to answer all and any questions and provides additional booklets to those who are looking for a more in-depth study after taking the class. My girlfriend; whom has never shot a handgun or any gun for that matter before, took the class with me and excelled in all aspects (the other first time shooters did as well) Thank you Mark, I’ll be back in five years!

– Seth Dugar – Mandeville, LA

“My wife and I want to thank you for your thorough and enjoyable concealed carry class last Sunday. The relaxed friendly atmosphere combined with your ability to convey the necessary instructional material to every level of student skill and knowledge was appreciated by all in attendance. I also want to thank you for the time taken to teach my wife the fundamentals of shooting a pistol while we were at the shooting range. I can confidently recommend you as a first class concealed carry instructor.

– Rudy and Anne-Marie L. – New Orleans, LA

“Mark Shreve at Gun Smart NOLA has been doing his part to promote gun safety and ownership awareness for years. I’m proud to have been a student of his and I am confident in my ability to protect myself, my family and any of you while living our lives in this crazy world. Please consider doing yourself justice by becoming a prepared citizen instead of a possible victim.”

– Shawn Gregg – Slidell, LA

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the safe and proper ways of handling and shooting a firearm. It’s always a learning experience and you have taught me more than I thought I already knew. I apologize for the malfunctions my pistol had. I appreciate you clearing it for me. Itwas the first time I shot it. I used that because my 40 caliber is too bulky and planned on carrying the 22. I have already given 2 friends your cards as they are interested. My wife also plans to attend. Thanks again Mr. Mark. Your class was great and your method of teaching is very professional. Take care and I hope to run into you in the future.”

– Ronald Raqueno – New Orleans

“I had a very enjoyable, easy-learning day with Mark as a guide.  The late evening shooting range was a really good time as I had never been to a shooting range before.  Mark is a really an upright guy and keeps everyone interested!  To my surprise, he was the least expensive class around.  It was super that Mark even had a fingerprinting specialist attend so that we could get all of that minor stuff handled at a great cost.  The class was on a Saturday and I applied for my permit on the following Tuesday.  The State website said it would be 3 to 4 months before I should expect my permit.  I attended the class on January 6th and received my permit on February 9, 2018.  Fast service because Mark lined up everything so that there were no omissions for my application!  Great job Mark!”

– Terry Cook – Covington, LA