•  What is HIS personal handgun experience?
  •  How long has he been a certified and approved handgun instructor?
  •  How many classes does he teach per year?
  •  How many students has he taught?
  •  Does the instructor have any experience as a law enforcement officer?
  •  Does the instructor have any experience training the general public?

Teaching Abilities:

  •  Is the instructor a good speaker?  
  • Does the instructor have any teaching experience, experience as a training instructor or seminar presenter?
  • Does he take time to demonstrate?
  • At the range, is he patient and willing to spend the time necessary to help you?


  • Are his classes taught at a location that is convenient and easily accessible to surrounding parishes?
  • Is the classroom location itself of adequate size, comfort, with adequate lighting, amenities?
  • Is lunch provided or available?
  • Is an indoor range utilized to allow qualifications regardless of weather conditions?
  • Does the instructor arrange for fingerprint services for first time applicants?

Reviews/ Testimonials:

  • What do former students say about the class?  About the instructor?
  • Are numerous reviews provided or just 2 or 3?
  • Do others recommend this instructor?


  • Is a PowerPoint slide presentation used?
  • Does the instructor maintain a professional appearance?
  • Does the instructor take the topic seriously?
  • Does the instructor touch on all of the topics REQUIRED by the LA State Police?

. Handgun Nomenclature and Safe Handling Procedures
. Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
. Child Access Prevention and Home Storage
. Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance
. Use of Deadly Force and Conflict Resolution
. Actual Live Fire Qualification At The Range

Services Offered After The Class:

  • Does the instructor just ‘take your money and run’?
  • How accessible is the instructor AFTER the class?
  • Can you reach out to your instructor anytime with questions?
  • Do you have his personal cell # and Email address?