•  What is HIS personal handgun experience?
  •  How long has he been a certified and approved handgun instructor?
  •  How many classes does he teach per year?
  •  How many students has he taught?
  •  Does the instructor have any experience as a law enforcement officer?
  •  Does the instructor have any experience training the general public?

Teaching Abilities:

  •  Is the instructor a good speaker?  
  • Does the instructor have any teaching experience, experience as a training instructor or seminar presenter?
  • Does he take time to demonstrate?
  • At the range, is he patient and willing to spend the time necessary to help you?


  • Are his classes taught at a location that is convenient and easily accessible to surrounding parishes?
  • Is the classroom location itself of adequate size, comfort, with adequate lighting, amenities?
  • Is lunch provided or available?
  • Is an indoor range utilized to allow qualifications regardless of weather conditions?
  • Does the instructor arrange for fingerprint services for first time applicants?

Reviews/ Testimonials:

  • What do former students say about the class?  About the instructor?
  • Are numerous reviews provided or just 2 or 3?
  • Do others recommend this instructor?


  • Is a PowerPoint slide presentation used?
  • Does the instructor maintain a professional appearance?
  • Does the instructor take the topic seriously?
  • Does the instructor touch on all of the topics REQUIRED by the LA State Police?

. Handgun Nomenclature and Safe Handling Procedures
. Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
. Child Access Prevention and Home Storage
. Firearm Cleaning and Maintenance
. Use of Deadly Force and Conflict Resolution
. Actual Live Fire Qualification At The Range

Services Offered After The Class:

  • Does the instructor just ‘take your money and run’?
  • How accessible is the instructor AFTER the class?
  • Can you reach out to your instructor anytime with questions?
  • Do you have his personal cell # and Email address?


Instructor Mark Shreve started his working career as a New Orleans Police Officer in the French Quarter/CBD.  Despite receiving several department medals and awards while on the NOPD, he decided to expand his knowledge and value by attending school at night to earn an Emergency Medical Technician certification.   After leaving the department, he worked as an E.M.T., claims investigator and safety/security manager.

Mark eventually held several Regional Management and Director-level corporate security positions as well as Director of Field Operations and Security for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for 6 years and Director of Security for the ESSENCE Music Festival for 2 years.   At the same time, over the course of the next 20 years, Mark unofficially trained friends, family, neighbors and relatives how to shoot.

Although he kept a handgun nearby all of those years, it wasn’t until 2002 that he officially obtained his state concealed handgun permit.

In 2008, Mark earned the official Board Certified designation of ‘Certified Protection Professional’ (C.P.P.) from ASIS   https://www.asisonline.org/Pages/default.aspx   qualifying him as an expert in the security industry.

In 2012 Mark retired and decided to become a NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor.  From there, he was certified as an Approved Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor by the Louisiana State Police. Additionally, Mark is a Certified Instructor for the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association as well as being certified by the NRA to teach their ‘Refuse To Be A Victim’ seminars.  Now, just starting his sixth year as a certified instructor, Mark has trained hundreds of students from all walks of life and with every level of experience imaginable.  Mr. Shreve is most passionate about getting as many good, pro- 2nd Amendment, law-abiding citizens properly trained and certified as possible.   It is imperative that we get like-minded people as gun owners; those that are safe, responsible citizens that have the proper skills, attitude and mind-set to defend themselves and their loved ones if need be.



The answer is a resounding ‘YES’, whether you keep a gun in your vehicle when you are out and about, have one in your house for home protection, open carry, or legally carry concealed with a permit. 

You never know when you might find yourself in a predicament where you fear for your life and there is no reasonable way out; forced to defend yourself and/or your loved ones.

Even if it is determined by law enforcement and the prosecutor that the shooting was 100% justified, free and clear you will still likely incur defense costs.

On top of that, what if the victim or his/her family decides to sue you civilly?

Don’t risk losing your home, your savings, your kids’ college tuition, your retirement, your family’s ‘nest-egg’ to cover attorney fees.

Check out these three excellent policies from the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association.)